Emoji-nation. part 2.

by Nastya Ptichek.

Dedicated to Edward Hopper.

Check out part 1 here

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What’s the martial arts expert’s favorite beverage?

It’s Kara-tea.

- Fargo

Scott’s suicide reveals tragic side of city’s glitzy scene

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Hail Derek Jeter.

Hail Derek Jeter.

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  • 12,407 plays
  • Artist: r. kelly
  • Track: bump n' grind (waze + oddysey deep house remix)


r. kelly || bump n’ grind (waze + odyssey deep house remix)

Benton Performance. 

The Last Days of Basquiat


Jeremy Lin shoots the ball over the backboard from eight feet away.

R.I.P. Linsanity (February 4, 2012 - April 20, 2014)

R.I.P Hurricane

R.I.P Hurricane

Mad Men Music S7, Episode 2

The Turtles: “Elenore”

Fantasia Killa. 

The Way You Make Me Feel w/out music. 

‘An Addict With Friends’

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