Essentials:  Outasight

Accessory:  My leather bookbag. I picked up the bag at a garage sale a few years ago out in the burbs. The owner of the bag informed me that he had travelled the world in it, and now it’s my carry on of choice. Beat up and worn, the bag is a trusty piece with a whole bunch of character.

Product Ipad 2. My life is a constant jumble of airports, flights, and hotels so it’s nice to add some convenience without sacrificing any technological capabilities.  

Appliance:  Juicer. When I’m home I have fully jumped on board with the juicing craze.  It’s great for you and with the right mix can be pretty tasty. My fave right now is 2 types of kale, cilantro, parsley, celery, cucumber, and apple. Sounds ridiculous I know but it’s damn good.

Book:  “I Love My MTV” by Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum. Just finished reading this and I have to say I might go through it again.  Any pop culture junkie will enjoy this tell all story of MTV’s first decade. The Van Halen stories are my favorite, those guys knew how to be rock stars.

Art:  Andy Smith. I’m a sucker for good typography and bright illustrations and Smith’s work caught my eye while perusing through the millions of art websites that have came up out of nowhere. Perfect works for your tumblr feed, haha. 

Musical act/artist:  Beck.  Genre-less and historically fearless, Beck’s discography has something for everyone. The man’s an absolute genius to me.

Movie:  Goodfellas. Any film that you can watch from any point even if it’s on basic cable with commercials is an all timer.  Goodfellas is the consummate of that. So well done. So quotable. The best. Plus my Deniro imitation is pretty solid. “Henry, you gotta go home.”

Hotel:  The W, anywhere. Any time I see The W on my itinerary I know I’m in good hands. Also, I’m a big fan of Ace Hotel in New York. Grab some breakfast at The Breslin and for bonus points I definitely saw A Tribe Called Quest reunite and perform with Nas in the club downstairs a few years back.

Restaurant:  Sugarfish. Los Angeles. It started with the legend of Nozawa, the now retired legendary sushi chef who manned his self titled restaurant for over 30 years.  It was where sushi dreams were made of.  Sugarfish continues that legacy. Ran by Nozawa’s son (you can still catch the king hanging around shaking hands), nothing has changed in the (high) quality.

Cocktail Whiskey, neat. Sometimes a complex life needs a simple drink. I like my coffee black and my cocktail brown. Jack Daniels is fine.  No ice.

Destination:  New York City. Maybe it’s a shortcut for me to use the place I grew up trekking to, but once this city grabs a hold of your heart it never lets go. I spent many years in the hustle and bustle and wouldn’t change a thing. There’s simply a mystique, an aura, that makes this city the capital of the world. Plus the people watching is top notch.  

Cause:  The pursuit of your dreams.  Maybe it’s cliche, but for now, I just hope to inspire people to pursuit whatever their dreams may be.  For a long while I fought to be heard, and just the idea that I’m finally getting there is all the proof you need to know that hard work does work.  It doesn’t have to be music either.  Anything.  In the words of Pharrell, “You can do it too.”

Indulgence:  Good food, good drink, good friends.  It can be easy to live life to the fullest, one must learn the beautiful gift of moderation, including yours truly.

Inspiration Fans. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, the streets, the venues, anywhere.  To know that the music I make is affecting people in a positive way is a truly inspiring feeling.  Any artist who puts their work out there leaves themselves wide open.  It can be a scary feeling, so to know people are relating to it and enjoying it drives me to get better.

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