Brooklyn in the House

Originally intended as a personal piece for his Brooklyn brownstone, Mike D of the Beastie Boys in collaboration with Flavor Paper, Brooklyn Toile, and Revolver BK’s Vincent J. Ficarra and Adela Qersa, have put together an illustrated ode to the most famous borough in the world.

From Coney Island to Biggie, to the bridge itself, the details and cultural tributes in this piece are perfect for any collector looking to have “Brooklyn in the house.”

Prints and wallpaper versions of the drawing are now available for purchase at Revolver


Homework assignment fo the weekend. 

Brooklyn Gin Punch

1 bottle of Brooklyn Gin infused with earl grey tea
12 oz agave syrup
12 oz pear purée
20 oz water
10 oz lemon juice

Pour the gin into another container (e.g. a pitcher) and add 3 tea bags of earl grey tea. Stir/shake occasionally for 20 mins and take the tea bags out. Taste along the way. If you feel it’s getting too bitter for you, take the tea bags out. Pour the infused BG into a punch bowl. Add all other ingredients (except the nutmeg) and stir. Add some ice to the bowl. To serve, add some ice to a glass, pour punch in glass, and sprinkle some ground nutmeg on the top.

You can find agave syrup in most supermarkets. I would call a couple places first and make sure they have it.

Pear purée is a little harder to find, but you can also make it. Buy 6 pears. Peel and core. Toss in a cusineart (sp?). Add some water and purée.

Lemon juice. Don’t use lemon juice concentrate. Buy a dozen lemons and squeeze them.



(Source: The Dieline)

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