the @broapp helps you hang out and not have to text back your annoying GFs. #FTW

Abercrombie is broke and admits that it has to sell plus size clothing. What a bad job. 

if you know NY sports radio, this makes sense to you. 

Promo for the 1 billionth ‘Carrie’ movie is underway. For this one, Sony dropped bucks to install a fake wall in a coffee shop and had actors use telekinesis to scare custies. 

Comedic guru Judd Apatow talks the 90’s w/ VF. 



#Sports anchor drops 46 #hiphop references in one segment. 

This Hitler scene just never stopped getting flipped. 

"Ignition Remix" strung together from "Breaking Bad" clips.



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Parkour pap escape. 

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Brian Williams raps Young MC

Grown man cries after seeing Kobe Bryant in China.

Bad job. 

Bad job. 

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